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Went to the Canyon Ranch in Tuscon AZ for two days and two nights and honestly barely left the room. Needed some grounding and it was there.

Alcohol free? Check. No wine induced self slide into night at the end of a long day.


Healthy, delicious food? Check. Kind of funny but was actually looking at the posted calorie counts and ordering the highest on the menu. ūüôā Sweet potato pancakes for breakfast two mornings in a row.


Gym? Multiple, never went. Ditto for hiking, swimming, and anything else exerting. Did do a couple of yoga poses while waiting for the clairvoyant. Read a fiction book, was an hour late to a two-hour cooking class, never once turned on the television or even took a photo until here, at the end when waiting curbside for the airport shuttle. Bought not one thing new.

Modern life can wear you out. Was gifted this getaway¬†for good performance by the company I work for. Wasn’t going to go, Tuscon is a hell of a long way from upstate NY for a deep tissue massage and an anti-aging facial. Turns out it was just what was needed: a lot of nothing. Sure, the moon and the stars and pretty much anything that was health enriching could be experienced, it was not having an experience was what I liked best.

Here’s an intimate thought: when having babies there were times I couldn’t wait to deliver to be in that room and to have three meals a day delivered on trays. No thinking, no getting, no doing.

Love life and all its bigness. Love too two days of nothing. Canyon Ranch and Worth New York, thank you. Wishing everyone everywhere a bit of soul now and again.


Simple style notes and play on words: Packed light for this getaway, some exercise clothes that get worn all the time back home and that are going back clean, sneakers, one black blouse worn both nights to dinner. For travel both ways, blue jeans, of course, same cashmere sweater and black leather jacket. Yes, needed all those layers in the desert¬†in December. No jewelry, minimum makeup, and one fancy belt. The black boots with fringe? Sole me: took those pre-trip to the cobbler for rubber soles. It’s good to be grounded. While a beautiful leather sole on a good shoe or boot is luxurious, taking the time when you live in the northeast to protect that beauty from modern runaround is a very good thing. Damage control, ha, clairvoyant said you can end up stripped.

Every day dress, soul me.






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  1. Love that you had this time, dear friend…

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