last night at the ranch


Spent four days and four nights in the White Mountains of Arizona at Hidden Meadow Ranch horseback riding with husband and two youngest daughters. Perfect in so many ways.

Blue jeans, boots, and long-sleeved shirts were what was worn during the day, at night we showered and changed for dinner in dressed up versions of the day wear.

Last night put on the same outfit that was worn as first night while in Scottsdale, only first night it was with a high-heeled open toe Manolo Blahnik sandal. Must admit by day four I was missing those things just a little, they would have been extremely out-of-place up in the woods.

Anyways, pulled on dark denim jeans and a chambray blue linen tunic. Thinking that the camel colored suede boots cut the look into thirds and that a longer color of column would have been better. No going back, when traveling you sometimes go with what you have for where you are.

Cuff bracelet was purchased at the ranch mercantile to serve as a souvenir. Kind of gave up on souvenir t-shirts a long time ago.

Every day dress dresses for dinner in what was worn before in Scottsdale for last night at the ranch. Next stop, Sedona, AZ.

PS. Linen can and does travel. Simply learn to embrace the soft wrinkles, kind of like those that appear on the face. 🙂

Dark Denim Jean and Linen Tunic | Worth New York Spring Summer 2013

Cuff Bracelet | Hidden Meadow Ranch Mercantile

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  1. Wrinkled and rich, pressed and poor !

    Have you ever heard tht great southern comment about linen?

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