instead of capri pants


For gallery hopping, lunch, and then even dinner, while in Sedona, AZ, wore a strapless belted long silk dress and sandals.

Never really understood Capri pants. An ankle pant with a fabulous shoe? Yes, can go there. A Capri pant? Thank you, not happening.

Can’t quite get the appeal of cutting the leg into thirds. Especially when those legs might have curves? Curvy thirds is pretty hard to pull off. And then you have to add something different on top? Four of four daughters don’t even go there.

Yes, fashion is change and never say never. For now choosing the ease of a dress. Capri pants can wait.

Dress was purchased three years ago while traveling in Charleston, SC. Wore it constantly the first year, put it away for a while last year, and here it is again for a full day of gallery hopping and dining instead of Capri pants.

Fashion faux pas going on? Two oldest daughters would not like the exposed elastic holding the hair back. They would say to cover it, wrap a strand around it and tuck it in. Sorry girls, missed it.

Must be a reason I named this blog every day dress. Easy. Clean. Long.

Dress | Haute Hippie

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