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Fashion post promised, so, trying to deliver: every time I put on a white shirt and dark pants, oldest daughters reply, oh, no, that looks like the wait staff. Too bad, sometimes you’ve just got to serve. 

For busy day at work when it’s all about you out there- helped seventy or so women pick out a sweater, jacket, and do the Kennedy loop with a scarf, thirty something CEO look official when all she wants to do is wear North Face and Lulu lemon, and stay at home mom and  fitness buff pick out the go-to dress, every day dress was all about ‘like the wait staff.’

White silk blouse, you’ve seen it before, and grey tropical weight wool trouser. ‘Borrowed’ the Ferragamo belt from twenty-two year old son, love to wear menswear. Too tight for his low-rise, kind of fits perfectly for waist-down on the mid-life.

White silk and gray wool, it’s okay. Not necessarily high fashion but long life.  These are the kind of wardrobe basics you go to when you are as busy as all get out.

Come on in, trunk show goes through March 12th. Here to help you put together a wardrobe that reflects you, and works for you with whatever every day presents: seventy, CEO, or stay at home, every day dress is ‘like the wait staff.’

Too bad twenty something year old daughters– the silver sequins will happen, this is not the week. Every day dress does the wait staff look, hey, when you are busy, it works.

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