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New friends from LA that were met last week Tuesday took us up on our offer to visit at the ski house, overnight. Kind of risky, don’t know these people, but they said yes. Maybe it was that we met over food and wine, if nothing else, we could eat and drink. Maybe it was that husbands shared first and last names, no kidding.

Plans were made for lunch, in town, followed by dinner at home, educational wine seminar/tasting, out. In between there was a walk to the club chalet and through the cross-country trail, with dogs.

Cooking for a crowd is now second nature. Cooking for six, no problem. Simply order the meat city-side bring with and kind of wing it for the small stuff, like the parsley. Got that at the ski town grocery. Kind of funny that in came in plastic pots and not one big bunch.

Dinner was sliced beef tenderloin, easiest thing ever, roasted cherry tomatoes, garlic parsley potatoes, and haricots verts, all served on one big platter. Decadent gorgonzola cream sauce on the side. Thank you Barefoot Contessa.

Went to the wine tasting in town and as educator/sommelier was talking about the pours, put a general question out there, ‘who cooks?’ Pause. New friend answered, ‘every one cooks.’ Yes, of course.

For this post every day dress celebrates every one out there who cooks. Had a fun evening, thank you new friends, Shannon, and E-Ville Spirits.

Next morning did the standard, bacon, eggs, and toast, rounded it out with sautéed spinach that was supposed to be the night before’s salad but ran out of time. Oh, well, greens are always good.

Guests left, one had a flight to catch, and we headed back city-side. Monday morning comes, and again, road trip for work, 160 miles each way.

Arrive home, dinner time: everyone wants dinner so who cooks? Boneless, skinless kosher chicken breasts, roasted broccoli, sautéed zucchini, and quick spanish rice for a Monday night’s dinner. One platter, light some candles, every day dress and every one cooks.

Celebrating every one out there who cooks.  Food is a beautiful thing. Great weekend and Happy Monday.

ps wrote this post on Monday but have been so darn busy at work with good stuff it’s taken me until almost Thursday to upload the photos and hit publish. Hope everyone is well and having a great week. Good job Diana, welcome back Susan, welcome Linda. Every day dress.

When living in upstate New York in February, food and wine kind of becomes your focus. 🙂 Fashion posts will start again March 1, promise.

Finally installed a Photo Shrink App, amazing what you can teach yourself when you decide to throw  yourself into the blogging world. Thank you google.

Random thoughts, random mind. See you tomorrow. xoxo





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