look at that smile


When you engage and work with women, you learn with and from them, love them, and if you’re lucky, you even get to dress them. 🙂

This friend and client is celebrating her third child’s high school graduation this weekend, and look at that smile. Moves me to tears how happy I am for her.

She sent me this photo in a text message just minutes ago, asking if she was okay, with her shirt tucked in. Yes, Wendy, you are more than okay, you are absolutely gorgeous. 🙂

Not easy, raising kids. We’ve known each other since we both had babies, her oldest and my fourth are both now twenty-two.

Love you, Wendy. Love that smile. Enjoy every precious minute.

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  1. Love you! ❤️

  2. Wendy you look awesome!!!!

  3. She does look awesome, inner happiness adds to it!

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