on strike




First, it’s really hard to beat a striped tee, leather jacket, and blue denim.

Second, we’re kind of on strike here against super skinny jeans and super high heels. Not sure what’s in the air, maybe turning fifty this July, yikes!, already there in the mind so no big deal, yet lately totally doing the shoe redo and the denim rework. Company I work for during the day job says ‘fashion is always evolving and so should we’. There we go, let’s evolve, or be on strike, or whatever.



So, with those two thoughts here we go: added that tee to the rotation yesterday in two colors, navy and white, duh, and brown and white, fresh. Leather jacket is last season and a perennial. 🙂 Denim is a constant, and now liking a more relaxed fit. Shoes? Admittedly it’s been a thing, before it was bags, have enough of those, and now want to treat the feet. Like the face, the feet show wear, and love:; they’ve walked and run miles and carried six children. One foot surgery down, and not wanting the downtime of another for I don’t know how long so shoes it is, low ones, on trend ones, ones we can walk in. On strike against good-looking cruel shoes, ha.






Photos taken late afternoon after the LAX pick-up, after the work day, and before dinner. That girl, youngest of six, she can have the skinnies and the highest of heels, love her to pieces.




Every day dress, on strike.

Striped Tee Leather Jacket | Worth New York

Denim | Citizens of Humanity | Emerson

Shoe | Chloe | @NET-A-PORTER

on youngest daughter

Sweater | Rebecca Taylor | @Tony Walker & Co

Denim | AG Jeans

Shoe | Christian Louboutin


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  1. Beautiful….You and Mimi

    • xo, hope you had a great dinner tonight.

  2. My feet have an additional 10 years on them than yours and I agree about no more high heels! I used to be able to run around all day in high heels without a problem. Now it’s all about good looking comfort – last year I bought the same Chloe shoe in black and I love it for it’s interesting, sculpture-like block heel and scalloped detail…great choice!

  3. Mimi volunteered the other day for us – she is as sweet as I remember…and now in heels:-)

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