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Six days in Tuscany so far and not even sure where to begin. Eight of us in total. Wine tasting and touring have kept us beyond busy and blessedly away from the internet. Decide to post about two of the heartbeats of this blog, what to wear and good food.

Day one in Monticchiello, lunch at the Cantina, and first bottle of wine was Avignonesi Il Marzocco Chardonnay Cortona. Loved it. Decided then that a visit to the winery was a must. Called from the villa the next morning and used best Italian to secure a same day tour and lunch reservation.

Dear friend dressed in Worth New York. Me, content writer and phototgrapher, wore a resurrected navy silk ADAM dress. We both wore low heeled Chanel boots and carried Chanel bags. No advance planning. Remember in high school when you and your friends all tried to dress alike to feel like you fit in? Some things remain the same…

Lunch was divine. Fashion and lifestyle tip while touring Tuscany in September? It’s hot during the day and you will be doing a ton of walking. Keep your footwear sensible but stylish. Fabric content and cut light but dress in dark colors. For mountain top breezes and short skirts make sure to wear your La Perla underneath. Unknown Italian men will thank you.

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