florence to rome


Breakfast on the terrace overlooking the river, sightseeing, champagne lunch, again outdoors, shopping, cab, train and cab again. It’s a good thing when your clothes work and play as hard as you do. Wore the same dress as from buffalo to JFK, this time changed the boots, bag, and had to get the hair up. Dress and boots were great as the day involved TONS of bag schlepping. Gym visit not needed when walking all day and handling luggage. When packing for your trip to Italy it’s a good idea to test drive your luggage quantity. Make sure you can handle the whole lot yourself up and down multiple flights of stairs. Also try hauling your bag(s) overhead- remember you need to load those bags in the overhead train compartments pretty much all by yourself.

Dear friend pictured here also wearing Worth New York. She manages multiple gyms and kids when home in buffalo and has like five minutes when she shops with me at one of my trunk shows. Picked out this great leather piece for her during the fall show. She wears it with her Worth New York Flannel White Lucy Jean and again, flat boots made for walking. In a city known for its’ leather goods, she rocked her leather look and received many many compliments.

It’s been quite a week and a half. First time at a desk since last week Wednesday, (still in rome), as today’s flight to JFK was cancelled. Husband’s flight will get him home to the states this evening. Me, rerouted tomorrow through London. Like photo uploading, can’t rush or predict the airlines. Every day dress to London, tomorrow.

Miss my girls. xoxo

Dress, as before, Worth New York’s Bark Puzzle Tweed Jersey Faux Wrap Dress, Fall 2012. Bag, Celine.

Dear friend, fitness fanatic and mom of four wear’s Worth New York’s Lattechino Leather Belted Sleeveless Jacket and Flannel White Denim Lucy Pant, Fall 2012. Bag, Prada. Sleeveless Jacket also available in Black.


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  1. Not sure, but did you state in a past blog that white jeans were fashionable this fall. I come from the old school; wear white only between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

    • Yes, white jeans look great all year long. Toughen up the fabric content for cooler weather and maybe go towards flannel white, like my friend Amy. Thanks for the comment!

  2. I’m so thankful I bought the Flannel White (Winter White) Lucy Denim Jean by Worth –in fact I’m wearing them today and think they are so fun to wear in Fall beause they look so great with camel, grey, mustard, etc…and so much more fun to accesorize — you just get such different look in the Fall with white than in the warmer months!!

    • Amy, I’m with you! I bought a pair and then ‘gifted’ them to my friend, now I need to get another! Thanks for the comment! xo

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