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As family, friends and lovers all do over long weekends, we’ve been making it a party ever since the kids have been babies. What used to be red white and blue beach blast all six in matching outfits with candy filled pinatas, is now a food & wine fest come as you are out in the country.



It’s pretty much down to a science: don’t think about it all until the day of yet invite everyone you’re fond. Hit the city market first thing in the morning before anyone else is up to tuck in supplies. Start prepping like crazy, make six scratch pie crusts and send entire family and two dogs out to the site. Trim and marinate a bunch of chicken, spice rub five racks of ribs. Double up the mac and cheese, one with lobster, one without.



IMG_0144 (1)



Hit the country house dressed and running and roll out the crusts. Fill and bake, five in at once. Put favorite brother-in-law on grill duty and second son on ribs. Pour wine generously. Take the five pies out (not quite baked yet) and slide in the all the mac and cheese. Assemble bean salad. Dinner is taking a little longer than planned so to fill time have everyone take a walk for a free-form group shot. It’s kind of like an orchestra, when you make it a party you get to conduct, how great is that.





IMG_0221IMG_0245IMG_0239IMG_0240 (1)IMG_0254







Put it all on the table, then slide the five pies back in. Everyone eats, and then whip the cream.


Dessert is served, and at about dusk have everyone pile into cars to head over the hill for local firework spectacular. Gorgeous day.

Wishing everyone a safe and sacred Independence Day. xoxo


IMG_0214 (1)

Every day dress, make it a party. Love and peace.


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