make it a triple

IMG_6062 IMG_6063 IMG_6064 IMG_6068 IMG_6070 IMG_6071 IMG_6073 IMG_6077For sure, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and the company we keep help to elevate the ordinary. How cool is it to cook for those you love most days and nights?

Thank you dear yesterday’s reader, for commenting you missed the food posts, this one’s for you. It’s not fancy, simply what we put out last night. Pan sautéed zucchini, not totally in season yet we love it anyway, and made it a triple pan party to cook it up fast. Red quinoa, that super grain of the Andes, cooked up with some organic vegetable broth, delicious. Added some fish for more protein, cod for the husband and salmon for the women. Oh, and the tomatoes, with the fresh basil from the new kitchen garden! The whole shebang made a great lunch today, too, with some toast and smashed avocado. No photo of that, we were working. (!). Simple white tulips, and white votives. Stovetop is a little messy, that’s how it goes.

Professionally, we’re working on adding to the team. If you are someone you know wants to work their days with beautiful clothing and beautiful women, comment here on the blog post and we’ll ring you. We’d love to make it a triple, and you know who I’m talking too. Teams are a winning combination.

Every day dress, make it a triple.



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  1. I love the food posts too! Also just the “everyday” lifestyle/home stuff — Keeps me motivated!

  2. I would love to work on your team. I think your wonderful and would be great to work with!

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