basics, always


Well, hello February, finally some $$$ back in the bank account. December, always a whirlwind, January, always scraping by. Sticking to the basics  helps to hold things together. Call me crazy yet when you make the bed, have some protein for breakfast, #workfromwherever, walk the dogs, and cook real food, the day is a good one.

Basic wardrobe pieces pull the look together. Can’t count how many times the black shirt/white denim combo has gotten me out the door. Add a jacket, maybe a belt, a good satchel, (this one’s ten and a half years out), and you’re out the door.

Need something more professional? Button up the blouse, upgrade to a blazer, try a structured satchel, and swap the denim for some real pants, maybe even lined, especially for an office, especially in white.

Every day dress, basics, always.

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  1. I am missing your food tips.

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