Two Boston MA daughters say ‘keep it short.’ One works, one studies. The one that studies recently made dinner for handsome Boston College coed and he said, ‘what kind of potatoes are these, they are great.’ She said, ‘mashed.’ He asked again, no really, ‘what kind are they?’ Again, she said ‘mashed.’

He wanted to know the brand name. Are you kidding me? Never occurred to her that there was some other thing out there than potatoes, real butter, whole milk, and some kosher salt and pepper.

To keep those you love coming back to your table, make some ‘mashed’ potatoes.

ps. that black cardigan from Friday night out with husband? Wore it again Saturday night out to dinner in ski town, Sunday driving home, Monday for client fittings, Tuesday for client fittings and emergency root canal at 5:50 pm. That makes it five days in a row. Love outfit repeat and real butter. Keep things good and easy.

pss. every day dress needs some help. Couldn’t get the mashed photo and that black cardigan with western belt and blue jeans photo to upload for two days. This is a cottage industry here, jump on in…



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