that black cardigan


Had to write about this: that black cardigan. Professionally I do two things; help women assemble great wardrobes over time and recruit, train, and mentor women that wish to do the same. During all the other hours of the day I do what most women do, spend time with those I love, in my case husband and six children, and cook and eat. Food rates right up there, for sure. Yes, there’s other stuff to do too, housekeeping issues, and we all have those.

While working with women for many years now and having four daughters, it seems to be that women want to look great and feel good in what they are wearing. Fashion confidence comes from fashion comfort. It’s a terrible thing to feel uncomfortable in the clothes you are wearing at any given time.

Okay, so let’s get to the point, right? Just wrapped a two-week Spring Trunk Show and the one piece I showed to every single client was that black cardigan. It got to the point that even my colleague got tired of me going there. Some took me up on it, some, not so much. Why so much effort? Because this thing will take you anywhere.

Worked all day and husband calls and wants me to meet him downtown to celebrate his verdict won. Also had to get 8th grader back to school so she could fulfill her volunteer school play commitment. Only had five minutes to get ready so grabbed that new black cardigan and pulled on the standard, fitted black skirt. Cardigan buttoned up for school, buttoned down for husband date.

At $348 it probably felt like a splurge for the clients that didn’t take it as they probably have a zillion black sweaters. At $348 for busy women that want to look great and feel good in what they are wearing, hands down a steal. Cotton rib, body conscious, slightly sexy, conservative if you want it to be and offering coverage, that black cardigan has it all. Fashion confidence comes from fashion comfort and when you’re out for the day, night, weekend, whatever, make sure that black sweater is the best you can do.

Every day dress does that black cardigan on a friday night out with husband after the middle school drop.

Wishing everyone a great weekend. xoxo

Black Cotton Rib Cardigan | Worth New York Spring 2013

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