mise en place

After fifty-one and a half years of basically winging it, we’ve decided to follow a plan, of sorts, mise en place.

Wikipedia describes it as a French culinary phrase, ‘putting in place’ or ‘everything in its place’. That’s where we’re headed, with the wardrobe and the kitchen. We’ve talked here about the closet edit, and the kitchen clean-up, now’s our time.

We’ve been classy, and scrappy, and really getting through just fine. Now we’re feeling the urge to simply be a little more well-prepared. Heck, we’ve got adult children now, yikes, I guess it’s time we get serious. 🙂

Every day dress, Mise en place: setting the stage for thought and action. xoxo


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    • Yes, after the CA trip, on Monday the 23rd! xo

  1. Perfection!

    • wow, thanks for the love. x

  2. I love your sentiment!! Thanks for reminding me to take stock! Xo

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