my friend wendy


Friend and client Wendy loves beautiful clothing, bright colors, does Pilates, has weekly manicures, juggles three kids and cooks things like chicken picatta and asparagus for dinner. Does she wear a size 4, or maybe a 12? No, and doesn’t matter one bit, equal opportunity here at every day dress.

Fabulous skirt she has on? Dressed my seventy-three year old mom in that and Wendy saw it and wanted one too. Sparkles are for all women.

Suggested she pair it with this fabulous silk cowl neck cold shoulder sweater. She took my advice sight unseen and told me to order away. When you have something really special on the bottom and working with separates, best to keep the top half as simple as possible. Cowl neck and cold shoulder add a little more sexiness. She looks great and was thrilled.

Her new black sweater looks good too with the bright coral pant. My friend Wendy is every day dress for sure with her new sweater, fun skirt, and bright pant. Oh, the places she can go.

Every day dress dresses my friend Wendy. Beautiful clothing is for all women.

all clothing | you know where I’m going with this

Worth New York

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  1. she looks so beautiful!!

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