my valentine


Husband, my valentine, has been on a total home improvement roll.

Had exactly one evening to pick out a new paint color for master bath. He said ‘bring out your clothes, anything in pink or red, feeling like we should go in that direction’. Having mostly black, one or two pink items, pulled a red sort of vest that goes with all that black. Never nervous when I put it on, actually have many more things in the same tone. Very good sign.

Wall color can be kind of like nail color or hair color, right? Not a super heavy commitment, can be changed up, so, his prompting was good. Let’s paint the room in a color that you wear.

Me? I kind of pick things by name. When looking through the color deck came upon Benjamin Moore’s my valentine. Liked the color, liked the name, reminded me of him, color done, master bath is now my valentine.

Have fun picking paint colors. Not a big deal. Any advice on how to get those orchids to re-bloom?

Also need some new towels, better stop buying so many damn shoes. 🙂

Paint color and new shoes aside, heart is with Boston MA.


Paint, kind of like nail color | Benjamin Moore My Valentine

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  1. Love the Red!!! A woman should be surrounded by color which looks good on her……your husband is so right!!! Dead on!!!

    • Kathi, I love you, always so uplifting. Please consider doing a guest post? We should feature you baking!

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