keep the faith


When times are uncertain, count on the basics. Make some dinner, light the candles, enjoy a glass of wine, walk your dogs, spend time with those you love.

Two daughters in Boston MA check out fine. Home safe in their apartment, finally, public transportation at a standstill. Advice to them after their world being rocked? Go to the gym, make some dinner, hang out together, celebrate the good, keep the faith.

Heard the news while doing the drive about picking up youngest daughter for after school lacrosse game. After the game with two daughters playing couldn’t imagine going to the grocery so served up what was on hand, organic chicken breasts with garlic and rosemary, whole wheat orzo with spinach and pignoli, haricots verts and bagged salad with sliced cucumbers.

On a day that was to celebrate commitment, dedication, intent, hard work; keep the faith, what else is there? Godspeed to all those with friends, family, and loved ones in Boston MA.


Every day dress is distracted, way too much kosher salt in the orzo.

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  1. So happy to hear that every one is safe and sound. Warmest Blessings to you and your family as well as all of those whom are touched by this tragedy..

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