Nineteen, eleven, fourteen

vegetables prepped for the grill for apres golf ski house dinner for nineteen
we had two tables, one indoors, one outside
when seating this many even if it’s just family I always do place cards, saves confusion when it’s time to sit
I really do think people like being told where to be 🙂
of course boys will be boys, golf course shenanigans, that’s why I did nineteen baked potatoes, to soak up some of that alcohol
I served outdoors buffet style and prepped everything at home in Eden, simply throwing the potatoes in the oven when I arrived and grilling the steaks before serving
marinated, grilled flank steak has been on our regular rotation, watermelon feta spinach salad a refreshing contrast
have apron, will travel
Ethan and Elizabeth making their plates
gotta love a small propane fueled fire pit on the deck

With really nowhere to go, we’re just not into restaurant dining just yet, I’ve been making dinner at home the thing to do, the place to be. 

On July 3rd, back at the country house, we did dinner outdoors on the lawn
endive and avocado salad followed by grilled shrimp skewers with mango salsa and bucatini with garden fresh pesto
peach raspberry blueberry cobbler to finish was. a little underwhelming, therefore no photo haha
mise en place for mango salsa
mise en place for garden fresh pesto
one of my best kitchen habits is to lay it all out before getting started
July 3rd, dinner is served. Inspired by one of our favorites, Ina

At times it feels herculean, especially as we’re such a large group and dinner keeps happening night after night, imagine that. 

on the 4th of July I started at 6:30 am by baking two scratch blueberry pies
young adults played cards and games
old fashioned pond swimming
Stephanie brought the hors d’oeuvres, loved by all, and that bruschetta made a fabulous breakfast the next day
impossible to love her more…
peanut helping me light the candles, kids all set the table
my dress I bought local for one of my daughters, she didn’t love it so I kept it and have been wearing day after day
he’s the best 🙂
blue and green linen to mix it up a little, always lots of self-serve wine on the table
Elizabeth’s dress on the left I bought last year in Provence at a street market for 30 euro, that dress has been on outfit repeat as well
simple menu yet still took all day
green salad, Tyler Florence BBQ chicken, best damn baked beans, Mac & Cheese, corn bread and corn on the cob
Dan did the corn on the lawn, it was fantastic, Mac & Cheese over-baked and crispy
one of my favorites, Aunt Sarah and Peyton, both in 4th of July baby blues

Last weekend, (I think it was last weekend), I did nineteen on Thursday at the ski house, eleven for the eve of the 4th of July, and fourteen on the 4th of July proper. Son-in-laws parents were in town for the weekend expanding our quarantine bubble a bit in the best possible way. 

I keep trying to get to the laptop, sitting for any length of time in a chair is only happening when dinner is finally on the table. When that happens there’s wine, and after there’s bed. Rinse and repeat, last night we had eight, tonight I think it’s just six. 

early morning capture after the 3rd of July dinner on the lawn
I actually harvested that lettuce in the foreground pot for 4th of July simple green salad
those are my over-wintered geraniums, three seasons now putting out a solid show

I hope everyone enjoyed a memorable and safe 4th of July weekend. Every day dress, dinner for nineteen, eleven, fourteen, and on and on and on.

on July 3rd I also did a scratch pizza lunch on the porch
who doesn’t love champagne and arugula topped pizza for a weekday lunch?

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  1. The sunrise picture are magnificent and Peyton, so happy for you. Now let’s talk about that dress?

    • Awe, thank you so much! The blue and white bohemian dress? I picked that up for one of my daughters from a local shop in Hamburg NY, Molly + Kate. My daughter wasn’t that crazy about so I decided to simply keep it rather than return to small local business. I Venmoed Booie the money and now I’ve been wearing that dress several times a week. It was the last one they had, not sure of the designer.

  2. Love your recent posts… Peyton is adorable!!! Congratulations

    • Thank you so much Caroline. Much love to you and your family. xoxo

  3. Making wonderful memories! Just lovely! Precious granddaughter know it is such a treat to have everyone together.

    • Thank you, Carla. Yes, we are blessed to be together. xoxo

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