Make it a Night

make it a night, summer 2020
I moved the picnic table down to the lower deck for dinner on the night of summer solstice
the lower deck overlooks an additional pond, that one being more of a wildlife sanctuary pond
Caroline and Sean’s beautiful new baby Peyton Elizabeth up at the house during cocktail hour
so much love in the air
one long table all set for summers solstice dinner

With family in town (a new baby!), and nowhere to really be, I’ve decided to make it a night when we’re all together. 

family, two girlfriends, a college boyfriend, a lifelong friend from Montessori school, and all the dogs
with nowhere to go I’m trying to make family dinner an event
we need ways to mark summer 2020
we didn’t eat until the sun went down, I’m sure they’ll all remember that

For summer solstice 2020 I originally had grand plans to do a big kind of barn burner, have a band, do a chicken BBQ, dance all night, maybe watch the sun come up. Yes, I looked up the date months ago during those long grey winter days and found that summer solstice, the longest day of the year! would be on a Saturday, the perfect night for party. 

peanut, will and lizzie during our little cocktail hour up at the house
I cooked all day and shuttled everything to the lower deck via husbands kaboda
no tablecloth on the buffet table, I was putting a huge lobster pot on there once everything was steamed up nicely
I bought two large bouquets at the grocery for $20 each
Lexi cut and arranged the flowers, it was her idea to use the empty blue and white tequila bottles as vases for a little height and punch
her dad Mike always brings us a bottle of tequila when he visits and he sneaks in the kitchen while I’m prepping and gives me a little shot, I kid you not
she also helped pour the wine
our pretty spot for the evening
it was a huge effort for me yet so worth it
will and peanut
he actually drove sarah, caroline, and peyton from Boston on Thursday
sean came in on Friday
olivia and peanut, friends since Montessori, Mazi over in the right corner
we had thirteen humans and three dogs for our celebratory dinner
how cute are they…

Invite the neighborhood, invite the kids, invite whomever. Not this time, instead I did a pivot and decided on a clambake, that little baby and the original six. Of course, there was our new son-in-law, two girlfriends, a college boyfriend, and a lifelong friend of Lizzie and Mary’s; that was it, dinner for thirteen it would be.

Winston holding court
time to move…
it was a brilliant evening
I wore a long hot pink dress with sandals and a hot pink JCrew linen crab shirt tied around my waist
honestly I cooked and prepped the entire day long, here I’m smiling as I’m serving up the payoff
lindsey and ethan
ethan and his quarantine beard
I love how the table turned out, casual and fun
the blue rimmed glasses I bought in Ellicottville
the blue tin chargers I bought probably twenty-five years ago, I decided to use them as our dinner plates as the clambake would be messy
the white and hot pink linen napkins I bought at Pottery Barn at deep discount two years ago
when linen napkins are on sale I usually scoop up all that’s left, I like having a stockpile of them
super informal and fun, beer cans on the table, dogs on our laps
I put whole lobsters and tails in the pot, made a really good tarragon lobster salad the next day
there he is, the love of my life at the head of the table
with the last three months somewhat of a blur, I wanted to mark time

I bought the food, cooked all day, and made the kids move the picnic table down to our lower deck. It was really kind of a huge effort, no matter. 

We all changed our clothes, grabbed our cocktails, and with good spirits meandered down to a romantic rustic clambake on the deck. 

With 4th of July weekend right around the corner, I write this to remind myself that creating a moment or two is what I love most, and maybe to inspire someone else out there that might not ordinarily take the risk to do the same. It’s work, but nothing worthwhile really isn’t work.

I bought gold sparklers at the grocery and put a small boxes of them down the center of the table for when the sun went down
oh, how I love that smile
and a bonfire to cap it all off, there may have been some Taylor Swift singalong…

Every day dress, why not make it a night?

all of my kids and this new little one make it all worthwhile
all photos my Maxwell @maxyny on Instagram
he’s our creative director
I adore his work…

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  1. Absolutely Beautiful Rebecca!!! Great Job!! Cheers to Summer 2020! ❤️

    • Thank you Kathi, coming from you I know that is a compliment! Cheers to you and yours for a memorable summer 2020 as well. Here’s to many shared meals with family and friends. xoxo

  2. Beautiful! So inspiring!!! Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend!

    • Monica, wishing you and yours a happy and safe 4th of July weekend as well. As always, thank you for the love! xoxo

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