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Yes, there are applications out there that allow you to stream live content to your WordPress site and keep your blog visitors totally updated. Have I figured that out yet? No. So, here is the report from my day in the big city yesterday: I wore a super long navy silk shirtwaist dress with the sleeves rolled up and the front unbuttoned so you could see just a hint of my beautiful La Perla bra (gift from my husband, he has great taste). My favorite thin metallic belt and high platform wedges finished the look. In my bag I had a pair of flat sandals stowed away and a lightweight cashmere wrap. This was a day trip for professional purposes so the outfit had to do double duty- it had to travel well and look good. My trip has been met with half success so far. I have not yet heard back from the two women I presented to after two emails and a phone call. I did however get a compliment on the street, ‘I love how you are wearing that dress’ which is a pretty major thing in what Wikipedia calls the 6th top fashion capital of the world, New York, USA. One tip from the day’s adventures would be to carry something cashmere. While the city streets can be hot the airport can be downright freezing.

Pictured within at the Worth New York design showroom is my blog admin, Sarah. She is working with me this summer on making this blog a better site so I took her with me for the day so she could see me in action. She wore my Pale Banana cashmere sweater over a white silk blouse and my JCrew skinny jeans. You see her in the photos in a new short dress from Bergdorf’s because she didn’t quite like her outfit for the day. My second tip from the day of travel would be to invest in yourself and your admin’s wardrobe beforehand so that it doesn’t cost you $200 on the spot to get the day’s clothes right. Business expense, not.


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  1. Wowq. So well documented. This blog is informtive , fun , and addictive!! Can’t wait until the next!!!q thank you for sharing.

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