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Sometimes it’s hotter than heck and the last thing you feel like doing is putting on clothes and heading downtown. Downtown and clothes you must, so here’s what was happening:

Husband left early Thursday morning for the office in pink striped button down shirt, nice neutral jeans. He calls after his long day and says let’s have dinner out. Never mind the prepped wild line-caught fish, that can wait twenty-four hours, maybe, but don’t want to have him wait.

Pull on the lightest weight striped shirt I can find, wouldn’t you know sample sale piece, perks of work, and grab second daughter’s white jeans, can’t find mine anywhere. Have two youngest slip on dresses, it’s hot out there and every other young women is wearing a dress too.

Last weekend was all about dresses and just not in the mood so tight jeans it was. Kind of wishing for the rocker chic emaciated look, never ever happening here so have to own the tight fit.

Every day dress on the street and hoping all women have courage to own their own personal look. What else is there?

Have a great weekend all. Come Monday it’s Fall 2013 and building a team in Rochester and Albany NY. Email here if you know of anyone we should be talking to, rebecca@everydaydress.com. We believe all women can wear and have clothing they feel good and look great in.


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  1. The shoes look gorg with the white jeans…great look 🙂

    • Thank you, love those shoe boots. They are maybe four years old and still love them. Footcandy, Sonoma, CA. Thanks for reading, thanks for your reply. Wishing you a great weekend. R

  2. I guess white jeans should be a classic piece of wardrobe in every woman’s closet! I love the boots!
    And what I love the most is how you wear your white jeans!

    • Agree, white jeans, absolute wardrobe staple. Boots are several years old, bought them at a great little store in Sonoma, CA, called Footcandy. Thanks for reading and replying! Have a great day. R

  3. Just wanted to let you know that because of you i got the white jeans with black flowers from White house/Black Market. I thought I am never going to loose the baby weight but I lost 3 quarters of it and intend to proudly wear my white jeans:))

    • So happy to hear, thank you, wear your white jeans and enjoy life and family! xo

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