if not now, when


Have so much to say about this thought so let’s start easy and begin with fashion: we’ve all probably been there, some beautiful resort town and we make a purchase that feels fun and right at the time only to return home to real life and think ‘what was I thinking?’


Enter crazy suede orange shoes. Purchased last summer in Newport RI, oldest daughter was working retail for the summer so why not support the cause. Husband isn’t really all about them, he likes a more refined look, try to please but sometimes you’ve just gotta take a break and shoes are pretty safe. Don’t look down, husband. 🙂

Anyways, bought the shoes, so now what? If not now, when. Decided to pull them out on Saturday as we were headed to niece’s first birthday party. Birthday parties and turning one are all about fun so why not crazy suede orange shoes? It was outdoors, you can only really wear a wedge or a flat, and the middle of July so if not now, when?

Talk with clients all the time about if not now, when: we all have great clothes, let’s get them out and wear them. Most common cry of not now is when I lose the weight, then I’ll have and wear some great clothes. Women, now is now, wear those things you bought while on vacation in some small resort town. Now is now, exercise in some way today and put on your good clothes. Dress your body for as it is now, life moves so darn fast I just have to say it again, if not now, when?




Every day dress wears crazy orange suede shoes to celebrate beautiful niece turning one. Let’s all celebrate life and family. If not now, when? xoxo

M, after you told me you liked these shoes with the wide legged linen pant just couldn’t do ‘one hit wonder.’ Another time, baby, it was fun today. 🙂

Promised it would all be all about Fall come Monday but like all good things, everything seems to take longer than expected. So let’s all just stay tuned.

Could go on and on about if not now, when: the garden, the attic, the basement, the second language I’ve promised to learn, the books we all want to read, the work we all do, easier to just get dressed and get on with it. Every day dress.


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  1. The shoes would look great with navy too!

    • Oh, yes, great idea, thank you. Have a great navy idea and orange suede future blog post idea! Wishing you a wonderful evening and thank you for reading and commenting.

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