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Remember when it was Spring and time for a new pair of patent leather Mary Jane’s? As the streets were dry, still cold out, couldn’t resist pulling out the patent Rockstuds. Instead of the shoe with the white ankle socks, wish I had those so Chanel, paired these with dark navy denim rolled at the cuff, white silk blouse, and new Navy Iridescent Satin Sashed Coat. Patent up, indeed, we’ve all been waiting.

Some say the Rockstud has come and gone, no way here at every day dress. If it’s a shoe with a heel that you can walk city blocks and drive 150 miles without a blink, wardrobe classic for sure. 


Patent up everyone. It’s time. Hibernation has to be over, right?

Makeup and nail note: have been pretty focused on the work thing and couldn’t manage the eyeliner and manicure and get out of the house on time all at once. Went for the Jenna Lyons clean face bright lip with a flick of mascara, husband told me it looked pretty darn good. Happy.

‘Rockstud’ Pump | Valentino | at Nordstrom

all clothing | Worth New York

bright lip | Chanel Rouge Allure 136 | Mélodieuse

liner | Chanel Aqua Crayon 18 | Vivid Rose

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  1. Well, according to the shoe salesman at the Beverly Hills Neiman Marcus, the Rockstud is the highest selling shoe! Again, you’ve hit on a classic!

  2. the chanel booties with the built-in sock? please say no

    daughter 2

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