Personal Shopping in London

This white dress was perfect for graduate school ceremony.

A few weeks ago, Bill and I did a quick tour of London to witness and celebrate Elizabeth’s commencement from King’s College. She earned her English and Theatre Performance Studies master’s degree, and we are proud of her.

Momentous occasions usually call for a new dress, and you know we love a good dress over here in this little corner of the internet.

While home during the holidays, she floated the idea of wearing the dress she wore for her sixteenth birthday, a light blue chiffon dress with a high neckline, long sleeves, and a short skirt.

I love and applaud the concept of outfit repeat. I do it all the time, yet this outfit, or dress, didn’t stand the test.

Elizabeth is an entirely different woman now than the very young woman she was at sixteen. Our clothes can tell our story; her story has grown and evolved. She has felt love and loss, has studied and earned three diplomas with honors, and has positioned herself in a new country thousands of miles away from us all. She has managed herself with courage and grace. I felt this most certainly called for a new dress.

Bill and I arrived on a Tuesday; the graduation exercises were on Thursday. We did a quick walkabout on King’s Road on the afternoon of our arrival and perused the shops and rails. I knew that day where we would find success.

Her robe was black, and her ribbons green. She didn’t love green, and I thought the combination was calling for a white dress.

The ceremony was scheduled for 2 pm. I also felt the time of day called for a white dress. Of course, black would work, but the further along the style curve, the less I love a black dress in the afternoon for a celebratory event.

On Wednesday morning, Elizabeth and I went out again and directly to Zadig&Voltaire, a French ready-to-wear boutique that offers stylish clothes and accessories for women her age, on King’s Road.

Here she is trying on the black in size M. Pay no mind to the size or letter, it’s all about fit. I’m wearing pants from my days at Worth New York, they are about ten years good.

I pulled the white dress I had noticed the day before, and together we pulled a little black slip dress for her to try for her Friday night 8 pm cocktail party. They only had an XS in the white, yet they had a few sizes and styles in the black.

Here’s a note about sizing: the XS in white was perfection, the size M in black was perfection. Same woman, different dress, different letter or number size. Do not let that letter or size number get in your head! Try the garments on or rely on a trusted professional to achieve the most flattering fit.

The white was a definite yes, it had sleeves and was a midi-length which I felt respected the academic mood of what we were going for.

The black was narrowed down to two choices; she preferred the more naked look, the store stylist and I preferred the more covered look, and we prevailed. Don’t get me wrong, she looked amazing in the naked look, yet I explained to her that the more covered look would take her more places and offer more styling options while also giving her a little more coverage. Coverage can give you confidence while too much exposure can sometimes bring on anxiety depending on people and location. I’ll choose confidence over anxiety any day of the week for the women I dress.

This all took less than an hour, two dresses for two different events.

We found her nude pumps here, on King’s Road.
Bill and Elizabeth at lunch.
I’m not sure why, but lately, I’ve always ordered the burger, given the chance. 🙂

We talked about shoes and hosiery. We tucked into a second-hand shop a few blocks down, and bingo, found a pair of lightly loved nude Valentino pumps. Then we went to lunch.

At lunch, we talked about hosiery and decided on nude. Yes, nude hosiery is a thing!

Theatre time, and it was chilly!

After lunch came the theatre, Caberet, and then dinner, so there was no time for hosiery shopping.

Duck and Dry on King’s Road.
Car selfie, with blowouts, on way to graduation.

The following day, I met her for blowouts and then ran out to Wolford, our favorite for all bodywear, and picked up two pairs of nude tights, one for her and one for me.

I also bought a bouquet of fresh flowers for her, and running out of time, I basically ran all the way back to the rental flat, messing up that morning blowout, yet who really cares about your own blowout when it’s your daughter graduating with a master’s degree, in London.

Walking into her new world.
Close-up of a new bag in our rotation. I picked out the camel trench for her last year as a Christmas gift. She wasn’t sure about it at first, but now she loves it.
Her smile says it all.

The little blue dress she wore when she was sixteen was safely still in her childhood closet, ocean away, and she was beginning an entirely new journey.

Every day dress, and personal shopping in London.

The flowers I bought for her while running around on King’s Road. I spy a Smythson blue bag. 🙂
I, too, wore a white dress, this one here from Lafayette 148. Styled it with a black pump that was easy for walking and nude tights.

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  1. Congrats !! Beautiful family. #flowersinEuropearethebest!!!!❤️

  2. Beautiful ! So happy to be able to see how it all came together – congratulations on such a wonderful achievement! You all look fabulous— thank you for sharing Rebecca. You are a gift !

  3. Please take ME shopping! Love Love Love the nude hosiery and sizing callouts, and especially the end shot of you walking in L148 at the end. Nobody blogs like you, I feel like I was right there with you. Congratulations to Elizabeth!

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