White Denim in January

This was yesterday’s runaround town outfit: black bodysuit, white denim, leather jacket, sneakers. All pieces in the wardrobe, collected over the years. I think January is a particularly challenging time to figure out what to wear. White denim can instantly lift your mood.

I’ve written about this before, so forgive me, yet here we go again: I love wearing white denim, particularly in the dead of winter, so, white denim in January it is.

Today’s denim look: these are ecru, or off-white, and they are paired with a classic navy and white striped cashmere crewneck. I wear my denim long and often don’t hem it, and it sometimes puddles a bit on the floor, oh, well. In both photos I’m wearing white Golden Goose sneakers that have a bit of a platform that helps offset the extra denim length and also keeps my feet out of the January slush when I really should be wearing big boots, but I’m just a little tired of big boots.

If you are feeling a little blue, or wardrobe challenged, pull out your white denim and pair it with a classic stripe, or a leather jacket. Presto, you are dressed. You probably have these things waiting for you in your closet; your mood will be lifted and your credit card will thank you, no new purchase needed, yet. 🙂 New season ahead!

Of course, there’s always time for all black. This is last night’s look for a fundraiser downtown. I kept the same black bodysuit on from the first photo and switched out the white denim for a black high-waisted trouser and added a pair of heeled suede boots. Although it’s not interesting or different it’s a good and easy evening look when you have to be out the door quick. You can see my daughter Booie in the background, she wore all black too. 🙂

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