prom season

As a mom, doesn’t really matter how many dresses we look at or consider, simply want them to get though the night, safe and sound. We’ve done this before, five or fifteen times in fact, and while it gets a little easier there’s always that low lying anxiety, letting them go, and letting them be.

Husband and I hosted pre-prom festivities for youngest of six, and it was festive, and chill. We’ve got this down, plenty of wine and booze for the adults, and sparkling apple juice for the dance goers. The adults can’t quite believe it, and the young can’t wait to get going.

Anyways, our door is open, and our hearts overflowing. These are the days. Enjoy, have a ball, and come home safe.

friends and family, see more photos here:


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  1. Thank you again for a lovely send off… The kids loved it, and so did the adults!! I have to say every detail gorgeous, you are an amazing hostess.

  2. What an amazing time! Thank you for your gracious hospitality! You captured the emotion perfectly in this post. It’s such a sigh of relief to have everyone safe!!

    • Thank you, Alicia. Now onto graduation! woot woot. See you Monday. xoxo

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