protein at breakfast


Two youngest daughters are in exam week, and partner/colleague and I have been in lock down in suite #101, she’s all about fall 16 and I’ve been pretty much right by her side, cheering her on.



Always encourage my crew protein at breakfast. Can’t think of a better way to start the day, though coffee first thing is always non-negotiable. Actually, protein throughout the day is really our game plan: white fish on the grill with seasonal vegetables, total score.






Any free time of late is spent in the garden. Doesn’t matter; weeding, planting, watering, whatever it is it’s time out of mind, bliss. Honestly, weeding and pruning might be all time favorites.


After all the work in the dirt nothing like a hot shower, blue jeans and a tank, sneakers and a floral blazer, all tied together with still wet hair and a make-up free face.

Protein at breakfast will carry you through. xoxo




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  1. Your skin is perfection. Can you please share your skin care wisdom – both everyday practices and cosmetic doc dos and donts?

    • Bear, you are so kind yet this is so embarrassing, I use bar soap in the shower. Yikes, and really. Sunscreen? Yes, in my grocery store or if I’m feeling fancy Christian Dior BB cream. xoxo

      • Amazing! Thank you.

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