wearing stripes and pleats






photos by Mimi Collins

While we could all get by with eating some really great chicken every night (kind of like wearing a chic column of black), sometimes you’ve just gotta mix it up.

Some clients are all about stripes, some clients say no way. And pleats? Please…that takes chops. And don’t believe anything about never wearing horizontal stripes, we all love a good striped tee.

Here we are, stripes and pleats. Both pieces from spring 16: so wanted to dress a good client in this combo. Couldn’t get her to jump, so jumped in myself. Wore this outfit when Wendy Selig-Prieb was in town for What She’s Made Of at Albright-Knox Art Gallery, felt good. For us it’s all about feeling good in your clothes, and that’s what we strive for. That little extra boost.




photos by Joe Cascio and Heather Bellini

Most important point: Wendy was way amazing, her words, ‘Dress up. Show up. Don’t give up.’ She spoke to an oversold crowd about doing what might be scary, and sometimes making mistakes, but in getting right up again and back in the game. She wanted us all to be remembered for how we make others feel, maybe not our name or what we do or where we are but how we make others feel, how to lift them up.

So, not rocket science, yet we like to help women feel good in what they wear, every day.

When we’re not cooking for the gang you’ll find us in suite #101, getting women comfortable with both stripes and pleats, and maybe even both together.

Every day dress, wearing stripes and pleats.



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  1. Love all of this Rebecca – and you are rocking stripes and pleats!

    • Thank you! Looking forward to NYC. See you in a few days. 🙂

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