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For black tie gala at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery this past Saturday dressed from the summer wardrobe. Yes, its November, yes, was totally thinking of course of some expensive thing in black, when it came right down to the forty minute wire I had a re-look at the invitation, it read Forget-Me-Not, makes me think blue, right?  And it was Anselm Kiefer : Beyond Landscape. Might be a little serious so decided to lighten it up sartorially, put the husband in a good mood, and wear some blue flowers.


Your clothes are there to give you things: make you feel good, look good, cover you, help you feel right for the occasion. In essence, there’s really no season for that, getting dressed pretty much needs to happen every day. All white is chic, especially now in the winter months, white jeans a twelve month staple, and resort look-books and catalogues are in our mailboxes before most of us have pulled on our leather gloves and winter boots.

I’m going with there’s really no season. Shopped the summer closet for the November black tie event, added black suede sandals and a black leather jacket. Last time these separates were worn it was with boots in AZ and flat sandals in upstate New York wine country. Shoe choice can definitely change the mood. The jacket was simply to take the edge off all the  floral and to give a little coverage coming and going. The bag was a little oversized, like to have the camera, phone, and nude lipstick at the ready. Most of the women were carrying small exquisite clutches, and many were  looking drop-dead gorgeous in my all favorite black, really beautiful. And really sophisticated.


It was a night to remember, Albright-Knox Art Gallery events always are.


So I think here is my message, do not be afraid, for big or small events it’s okay to look within your closet and beyond the season.

We were guests, thank you Amy and Mark.

Feel good note: by shopping the closet was able to write a check in support from the business account, husband was a little impressed. 🙂 From working in development at an independent school for girls and from year’s of volunteer work, I know that’s one of the things these galas are about, raising funds for community needs and cultural institutions. And for that there’s really no season.

Blouse, Skirt, Leather Jacket | Worth New York

Sandals | Prada


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