Dressing for us has to be easy, and effortless. Why does it take so much work to put basic clothes on sometimes? I have clients tell me that they can spend up to an hour in their closet trying to get out the door and the best they can come up with is denim and black, they’re in the creative field. Really? 🙂


Yeah, that’s our favorite too yet to make things a little more interesting added those off white waxed cotton Alice pant to the rotation. Kind of liking the high waist, relaxed fit, and self-belt. Mixed in a wardrobe basic Wolford bodysuit and a relaxed suede jacket. Aquazurra suede shoe boots and done.

Additional footnote: thinking we’re really more about style, not so much the word ‘fashion’, and enduring style at that. Clothes you can count on, over and over.


Every day dress, really. Good clothes for daily wear.

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  1. Love the suede jacket with the white pants look so FRESH!!!! Black suede shoes…just perfect!

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