roasted weekdays



We turned the clocks, and have yet to catch up. Roasted weekdays for sure.

Family won’t touch a white or a red potato yet they’ll go for the sweet. Bread? Not so much. Maybe if it’s in crouton form with butter is love, olive oil, kosher salt and minced garlic.

We’ve been roasting up some organic chickens and stretching them out two days now.


Spring flowers are poking through.

Hope you’re all having a great start to the week. A bit behind here, we’ll catch up soon. xoxo


Every day dress and completely roasted weekdays.

ps. oh, since we’re talking and looking at food cooked up some great burgers for friends this weekend and topped them with a slowly pan-fried over-easy egg. 🙂 no photo, it was sublime. 🙂


pss. lovely candle on the kitchen counter with the laptop and days old tulips gifted from a dear friend and colleague. Thinking of you and thanks for the sweet call(s) yesterday. Yes, the garlic is going. 🙂

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