Recent Trip to NYC

This jacket and trousers from the spring 23 collection offer many wardrobing possibilities.
Every piece is more beautiful than the next.
A striped sweater is always a classic, as is a white dress.
The oversized short sleeve blouse is a fashion-forward must-have.
Pink suiting and pink trench are simply beautiful.
New denim and knitwear are coming soon.
I love the dress in the forefront; so suitable for vacations and travel.

For the past several years, I have taken a conscious break from traveling for work. In mid-January, I sucked it up and flew to NYC for two days and two nights of style inspiration, all provided by Lafayette 148.

Travel is amazing. I travel a LOT. My husband likes to always be on the go and gets bored quickly being in any place for too long. I, of course, go with him. Truthfully, being a total homebody, I prefer to stay put, so when the pandemic barrelled in, I had a great excuse to say no to travel for work.

Well, I’m back with the band. It was great to be with like-minded women and to see all that is new. The break was okay, and I felt safe, yet feeling safe can be a roadblock to growth. I decided it was time to giddy up.

I booked the flight, packed my stuff in a carry-on, and went off. It’s funny; I didn’t have my meeting legs on and struggled to sit still for a full day. Stretching those muscles, too, was good for growth.

I pre-ordered this white tank. It will also be available in black. I love the racerback style and the high neckline.
One of the outfits I wore while traveling. I re-wore the striped blouse over a black turtleneck for one of our meetings. I just gifted this jacket to my youngest daughter as I don’t love the fit in the shoulders. It made me self-conscious. If your clothes don’t make you feel great, I think it’s nice to pass them forward. She now wears it to work and she lvoes it.
This is the outfit that I wore to meetings. I did put my striped bloues over it as I felt is needed a collar.

Anyway, I think my message is if you are struggling with the next steps in where you are, take a breath, and do the damn thing. It’s hard to keep putting things off; it takes so much energy not to do something. I’m glad I went; the next time will be easier.

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  1. Fun to be with you in NYC! I’ve miss business travel too!

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