roasted, and baked


Saturday night, all tucked in, going nowhere, and couldn’t be happier. Travel, while great, has me roasted.

To compensate, it’s been all things work and domestic. Brussels sprouts, clipped off with kitchen shears, combined with some olive oil and good old kosher salt, and roasted in the oven. Almost like eating potato chips, ha.

Baked the cookies for the new neighbors, they’ve been here since August, and delivered with, shocker, a bottle of wine, always feeling just a bit behind. 🙂

Every day dress, roasted, and baked.

Thanks everyone for reading. Thinking this might be a good little feel good about what you do blog. Thinking that if you like to dress and you like to cook or even simply like to eat, you might find something of interest here. Everything we all do matters. For those that like numbers, site visits are about 200 per day, so you all out there, small group and couldn’t be happier, seem to keep coming back. Thank you.

Have a great and safe weekend. xo


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  1. Rebecca
    It is always so great to read what you have been up to! You have a gift. Thank you for sharing! It is alot of work for you but as a reader I look forward to everyday dress. Keep them coming !!

    • Ann, always an absolute pleasure to hear from you, thank you. Hope all is well with you and yours. xo

  2. My favorite site to visit. Your devotion and love for your family, commitment to healthy living, and rockin’ style keeps me reading.

    • Oh, you have made my day better, thank you. A little affirmation now and then is a good thing. Thanks so much, Julie. I’m keeping on…

  3. I know I’ve come a long way when the Brussel sprouts actually appeal to me more than the cookies! Thank you for taking the time to blog. I truly look forward to your posts. Many fashion/lifestyle blogs are too long and detailed. Yours…and the great photos…are a breath of fresh air. I hope you keep on keeping on as I know it is a lot of work.

    • Thanks, beauty. Have a fantastic day!

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