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So, your turkey (or two) is just about dressed and you’re still thinking about what you might wear: we can help.

Received fifteen boxes of pristine samples from colleague in Boston MA and we’ve been working sample sale. 50% off, and you can use your credit card to accumulate those mileage points.

All pieces are hung and ready to go home with you or even for you to wear out the door. Yeah, we’re all that busy right about now.

Super pressed for time? Give us a call and we deliver, by car or postal service. 716.445.3033 or 716.870.1323.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, November 25th and Black Friday, November 27th. 10 am to 2 pm. Thursday we’ll be off, gobble gobble.

Weekend, by appointment: or

Simple style notes: we’re working, cooking, baking, running to the airport, cleaning house, so the dress memo is black skinnies, grey tee, (untucked and it can be longer that your jacket or sweater), black suede comfortable open toe shoes because we’ve actually got a great pedicure, and super luxe cashmere cowl sweater. The silver safety-pin thing around the neck with the readers hanging off? That’s actually a belt, and my partner started a trend. We’ve been wearing our belts that have chains around our necks and hanging our readers and/or glasses off of them. Without those things we can’t see a thing.

Every day dress, sample sale, 50% off.


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