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The blog here is a little under construction: twenty-five year old son and soon to be twenty-three year old daughter are pitching in for the upgrade. It’s a pretty cool thing to put your faith and trust in others and let them run with it for a little. We’ll be working away for a few weeks, nothing comes quick or easy.

Fifteen year old daughter snapped these outfit pictures yesterday, we’re always in a hurry and they took place in about ten minutes flat. It’s a family affair for sure.


Outfit shown is what we wore out Saturday night to an engagement party for a young woman we’ve know for two decades now, so so happy for her and her beautiful family. Heart is bursting.


Style note: sometimes you’ve just gotta get it all out there. Lace, satin, fancy shoes, statement lipstick, dangling earrings that we’re a gift from second daughter while she studied in Seville, Spain, crazy wrist party and a white leather gold grommet studded handbag.

While usually a minimalist, sometimes it’s fun to just pile it on.

Thanks for reading, blog has had lots of site visits- not sure what’s going on out there in the blogosphere, one of the reasons we called in the two young guns.

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  1. Continue to enjoy so much your posts and perspective. And it’s great your kids are helping out. Change and progress are wonderful. Have a happy, happy Thanksgiving. 🙂 P.S. Love the lace.

    • Thanks! And Happy Thanksgiving to your and yours as well! xo

  2. How do I subscribe?

    • Working on that, under construction lol. The old theme had a subscribe link, need to add one to this new theme. I’ll get my tech son on it. 🙂

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