Sometimes you just have to put yourself in the hands of a professional and let the strong wind carry you with it, even when you feel lost in a sandstorm. Every day dress has consulted with women since last week Thursday on matters of what to wear. Trunk Show has been going on, and we have been hard at work.

While there are lots of great fashion blogs out there that show absolutely gorgeous young twenty somethings’ that look great in just about everything, this is a site here for those of us that understand the intricacies of the clothing we wear. What you wear has pretty much everything to do with the lifestyle you lead, therefore the site name, every day dress, and tag line, fashion and lifestyle. When you’ve lived for a while and have what can sometimes feel like never-ending responsibilities, getting dressed well takes time, consideration, thought, and gosh darn it, work. You can pretty much stand in your closet sometimes and feel like you are thirsty in the middle of the desert, or in this analogy, the closet.

Last night, put myself in the hands of fashion consultant husband. He studies the stock market every morning, diligently reads New York Times and Wall Street Journal fashion news, and definitely has his finger on the pulse. From a showroom full of beautiful Spring 2013 clothing and accessories, here is one of his picks:

Sandstorm Ikat Floral Raintreated Print Beaded Dress

He liked the fitted bodice, the waist defining belt, the full throwback kind of skirt. He thought the fabric was interesting and the beaded neckline enough of a statement that nothing else was needed except for some shoes. What he really liked was when I put it on with a low kitten heel, hold your breath twenty year old daughters, this too shall pass. He has read all about that single sole ladylike shoe thing and handing me every darn article he can on that trend. He doesn’t get the aggressive platform look but kind of goes along being the father of four fashion conscious daughters.

So, here is kind of the gist of this blog post. When offered time and guidance, sometimes even when it feels like a strong wind and you’re not really sure you want to go there, get swept up. Probably would have not have really chosen this kind of look for myself but, you know what? When I put it on it made me feel surprisingly chic and modern. It answered the question of what to wear if for say I had a big event to go to this coming weekend.

Trunk Shows with a trusted confident are the perfect way to explore what works for your current wardrobe and lifestyle needs. Hey, everything moves so quickly around us and is constantly changing. Yes, depend on your trusted wardrobe basics but sometimes go beyond a bit and get carried away to a new place fashion wise. Go with a strong wind. Put yourself in the hands of a professional and see where you land. You might just surprise yourself and really like the feeling and the look of trying something that is not your usual.

Every day dress does Trunk Show Spring 2013 with husband at the helm on a late Tuesday evening. Comments or thoughts?

To explore wardrobe basics and maybe something out of the ordinary, Trunk Show continues through the morning of Tuesday, March 12th. Here’s my cell to contact me: 716-445-3033. Would love to see you.

PS thanks for reading and hanging in there with all the indoor photo shots. Looking forward to warmer weather ahead so we can head outdoors again. Every day dress is approaching 30,000 site views. Love this little underground off the radar community. xoxo

Dress | Worth New York Spring 2013

Shoes | Manolo Blahnik | many seasons back




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  1. Hello Beckie, I liked a lot this post and as I work with a personal stylist. But she is more updated with Brazilian events so give me your opinion what to wear in a wedding in a Farm in Nappa Valey that will Occur in July at 2 pm? I think it is not easy….
    By the way did you see my e-mail? i hope I can meet you in July. Kisses, Miriam

    • Miriam, yes, do please visit in July with your family! We will probably be at our summer house, your kids would love it I think. Is the wedding at Farm? As in Carneros Inn? We have been there and to Napa plenty of times and I would love to help you find the perfect look for a summer wedding in northern CA. How much fun!

      Again, yes, please do visit in July- simply let us know the dates and we will receive you and yours with open arms and hearts…

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