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Okay, so this is what I really wear when going out for dinner with husband, twenty-two year old son and twenty year old daughter- navy silk blouse and black wool long fitted zippered skirt. Been talking to clients about combining navy and black for multiple seasons, it works, simply try it.

This is it, no recent Botox, no slimming shape-wear. Simply the clothes and the forty-seven year old woman. Love that the new in make-up look is the smokey dark eye and the nude lip- if you like to eat and drink that cherry red lip from last year is kind of hard to keep up. Do the eyes, mouth is fine.

Ken Downing says to wear an armful of bracelets but I only have two, it will have to be.

Here goes, what the heck, every day dress at its most basic: navy silk blouse, black skirt, minimal make-up. Hope you all have a great silk blouse and go to black fitted skirt for when your loved ones want to get together for dinner out.

Thank you husband, will miss you Booie. Twenty-two year old son, always so great to see you. xo

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