savory and sweet

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At the eleventh hour husband asked for a spread for his political fundraiser held at his Buffalo office proper. He wanted to net for the candidate more than what was gifted so obviously we obliged.

Kept it super simple: savory and sweet. Cooked off four whole beef tenderloins, sliced them up 1/4 inch thick, bought about a dozen baguettes, whole grain and white, spread them with truffle butter, topped off with arugula and shaved parmesan, sandwich picked them in thirds, sliced on the diagonal, all good to go.

The sweet was miniature strawberry tartlets with fresh dolloped fresh whipped cream. Homegrown strawberries from the Eden valley. Pate Brisee from the kitchen counter top food processor. Whipped the cream and transferred it in a chilled bowl.

Home stocked the bar with boxed wine glasses, a case of Montrachet, a case of Rose, some Cabernet and Pinot Noir. Some bottled beer, leftover from a weekend or two ago, a bottle of vodka, some mixers, and all set.

Savory and sweet, two things, that was it. A sandwich and a tart, haha, is there anything else?

Every day dress, savory and sweet, now a caterer as well. 🙂


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  1. Those worth boxes are handy. Xo

    • Worth boxes are the best for so many reasons.

  2. I want a tart! look so good. xoxo

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