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So it’s summer and while most of us might be working it’s fun to be spontaneous too. Last weekend decided rather quickly to ditch the country place for the day and to drive to ski town, Ellicottville NY, for their annual outdoor music, fireworks, rodeo et al festival weekend.

We had to eat, couldn’t break that solid routine, so stopped at the local grocery without the slightest idea of a menu in mind and bought what looked good. It was Saturday, so the live lobsters they brought in for the weekend were priced to sell. Scooped up all seven that were left. There were eight of us so rounded it out with a bag of clams, some t-bone steaks, haricots vert and sugar snap peas, and an arugula and spinach salad. Food heaven. Had the ramekin butter warmers stashed away but no crackers or picks so we simply used some pliers from the basement and a rubber mallet we found to pre-crack the claws. Add some good white wine and some nice dark beer, pop-up clam bake indeed.

Okay, so that was the lifestyle piece. Now for the fashion: had this fun fringed donut stashed away too. Bought this piece several years ago and wore it all the time until I wore myself out. As it was cold that night and fringe is all around us, popped that thing on too and it felt great.

Here’s to Summer 2014, good times, good food, good clothes, and fringe.

Every day dress, eat and wear the good stuff. 🙂

All photos iPhone, it’s been quite crazy good busy.

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  1. So I know you already have a bunch of kids but could you please adopt me anyway!? xo Stacy

    • Yes of course 🙂 Here at every day dress the more the merrier.

  2. You are amazing! Enjoy reading and your fashion statements! You Go Girl! Happy belated as well, we are young at heart, Lol….

    • Yes, young at heart, all the way. Thanks for reading, commenting, and in general being so positive, love that! Have a great day!

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