say yes


Sometimes against logical reason you just need to say yes. This purple snakeskin clutch purchased over one year ago at an unbelievable sale price even when I was feeling flat broke and not needing anything? Yes. It has become one of my favorite bags. Pretty much paid considerably less than the sales tax on a big name bag. I love it and am so glad I said yes even though all other brainwaves were telling me to resist, hard.

So, why I am writing this? Here is the lifestyle piece tied in with the fashion piece: as a recruiter, trainer, mentor and sales person by profession I am encouraging you to take the leap- jump in- pull the trigger. It’s not always safe but so worth the experience. I have said yes so many times and it has led me to unbelievable experiences. Scary? Yes. Uncertain? Yes. Believe in my dreams? Yes. Glad I do? Even though painful at times, Yes.

Happy Friday.

In photos, tank Parker, jeans DL1950, sunglasses Oliver Peoples, bag Worth New York.

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  1. The Parker top looks great! Glad you enjoyed your birthday gift. xxo

  2. cute top!! 🙂 Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!

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