scarf as dress


We’ve seen scarf as halter, now we’re about scarf as dress. Packing for travel is always best when kept light, two nights in a row wore a variation of scarf as dress while staying at the Ritz Carlton in Key Biscayne FL. Carry on is the best, it’s always a good thing to be able to handle your own stuff. Two super light dinner looks take up next to nothing space.


Frist night wore a pink scarf print wrap and tie silk piece engineered as a dress with flat Valentino rock stud sandals. LOVE that dress. Looks like nothing on the hanger but once on the body so easy and fun and carefree and kind of unexpected. Sorry, no photo of this yet, traveled solo without thirteen year old photographer daughter. This dress is a complete summer go-to with a heel for a wedding or cocktail event or a flat sandal for a kind of laid back night-time bohemian look or daytime runaround.


Second night wore an actual scarf as dress. Same pair of flat sandals as the night before, black Eres tank bathing suit underneath for the foundation, and simply wrapped, twisted, and tied.  Super easy.

How to photos taken on the fly out at the country house in about five minutes flat. Kind of like getting dressed for the night after a busy full day, never seems to be enough time…


Every day dress, scarf as dress, two nights in a row.


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