six reasons why I don’t diet

paper napkins, battery candle, we we’re traveling…

Family, and a few close friends, know I can throw down a four-letter word or two with the best of them, unfortunately. Profanity has been a recent addition to my lexicon, as has wine-drinking, if you count the last five or eight years as recent. 

While raising kids using four letter words or having a glass of wine never really even entered the realm of thinking, we had four under four and then six years later two twenty months apart, we were busy. 

wine, boxed croissants, and bagged avocados in the back pantry

Now I like to do both, swear a little and drink wine, if I’m being honest. 

Anyway, the point of this post is to share with you a four-letter word I’ve banished forever unless health requirements ever deem it necessary for me or those I love: DIET. 

Today is the first of May, undoubtedly there are many that professed today is the day I’ll get summer body ready and not eat carbs, go Keto, work out like crazy, be sober, whatever. I’m not in.

bread and butter, what else is there sometimes

Butter is love. When I was a kid my sister and I would march around the dining room table, she is eating butter, me eating sugar, maybe there was some bread in there. I’ve come over to the butter. Kerrygold, preferably salted, or a good European butter any day of the week, actually any butter any day of the week. Butter is the every day. 

mother and daughter at the stove
serving together is a winning game
coming together around the table

I will fail. Some games I’ll play like tennis, or cards, knowing I won’t win yet I’ll play anyways. The last time I really did a diet game it was probably South Beach and I was actually hallucinating while out to dinner when the waiter came with two chocolates on a tray after eating some kind of moderate white fish. I ate the chocolate. Diets are an epic fail. 

always add some greens

Diets are boring. No one really wants to hear what I’m eating or not or what you’re eating or not. Really good food is really good food so given the opportunity let’s simply enjoy. The end. 

Diets don’t work. Sure, I’ve contributed to the multi-zillion dollar diet industry and have a countless stack of books and diet cookbooks (boring) and in moments of insecurity I’ll go back to them or google how to lose 10 pounds in 10 days or something similar. Nothing changes, except the bank account of the diet experts

I like to cook, and feed those I love. Shopping, reading, prepping, making, cooking, baking, serving, cleaning up, you name it, I’ll do it if it brings my family together around a table for a shared meal. In my world when family and friends are together breaking bread there is no room for restriction, it’s one of the purest pleasures I know. 

Four daughters, and women clients. Oh, you have no idea the angst at times of four daughters and working with women and their clothes and their bodies. Rarely is anyone at ease with where they are with themselves, and we all should most definitely be. Diets don’t help with any of that. 

Okay, so that’s why no diets around here. I’d rather eat well, walk a ton, talk maybe inappropriately at times, and definitely enjoy a glass of wine, or two. 

Happy May Day. Every day dress. xoxo

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  1. Right on sista! I’m with you

  2. Love this!! So true. A Woman who tires of wine, food & and a few F’ bombs tires of life!

  3. My mom used to butter the bread on her peanut butter & jelly sandwiches – no lie – I couldn’t live without butter & put it on everything – mix of butter & olive oil is standard for any sauteeing i do.

    • Totally with you! My grandmother used to put mayo on our sandwiches as kids. Didn’t love it then but absolutely ADORE it now. Butter away… xoxo

  4. 15thousand steps before leaving the house

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