thoughts on Mother’s Day

my oldest son, thirty, and my mom, turning eighty this summer….

I’ve been having anxious thoughts about this coming Sunday, and how to rightly celebrate. For years I’ve been planning one meal or another to mark the day, and these past few weeks have made me feel a little like opting out. That’s a sad thought, so I took myself for a long long walk outdoors with the dogs and did some deep thinking.

My greatest love and gift in life is this family we’ve created, and I needed time alone to reflect. 10 miles and about 20,000 steps later (I needed two long walks to get to this conclusion), I decided to do one of the things I do: plan a dinner and invite those I love.

Today I sent a text message (modern life), to my two sons, my son’s girlfriend, my mom, the husband, and my two collegiate daughters, inviting them for dinner this Sunday at 6pm. College girls come home this week (the youngest on Saturday after a road trip from Rhode Island) and I’m confident they will want and enjoy dinner at home, two oldest daughter’s will be in Boston and St. Petersburg, respectively.

While traveling with the whole gang for spring break I hinted around that maybe the boys could plan the day, there just weren’t that many bites. I’m not a fan of eating out on big days, much prefer the intimacy of cooking and dining in and I always feel bad for the staff, thinking they too should be home celebrating with their families. Plus, buffet lines are definitely not my thing and on Mother’s Day that seems to be the rule rather than the exception.

One of the big benefits of deciding to cook and host and create a memorable evening is that once you make the decision there is no more mental chatter about what to do, where to go, and expectations falling short. I’ll get into menu planning and shopping and go out to buy some simple yet beautiful flowers for the table. There will be wine, and there might be cake, (coconut?).

Our family generally celebrates later in the day rather than earlier, we all kind of have things to do before coming together. I think that’s why no one really wanted to pick up the Mother’s Day ball, there’s a squash tournament, an opera, and maybe some golf. Tag, I’m it. 🙂

I will probably send a few cards and might pick up a few small gifts. We’ve got the week, and the fun part is that once you start you create forward momentum and get things done. It’s getting off the mark that seems the hardest.

In honor of the day food will be feminine, I’m thinking roasted salmon, asparagus, and maybe some rice, this is not the day for beef, although we all like that too. My sister will be picnicking with friends and family on the west coast, lovely idea.

makeup, or even a new makeup brush is nice
a new robe is nice, when in BUF shop local at Lace & Day

As for gifts? Flowers, for sure, or chocolates. Fancier things could be fragrance (only if you know her preference), or makeup, or perhaps even a piece of fine lingerie. And what about shoes? I have friends and clients that gift themselves shoes, which I think is genius. Kind of like making the day happen with reservations or a home cooked meal, picking and gifting yourself a pair of new shoes seems divine.

Yeah, my two boys are thirty and twenty-nine, and just not at a place in life where they are thinking of hosting their mom for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and that’s okay, because I’ve got skills, and drive. The best way I know to value who and what I love is to put forth effort, and time, and therefore I cook. I cook to bring and keep us together, and it’s working.

So if you too are feeling underwhelmed or overwhelmed and fear a little disappointment or even a miss this coming Sunday, I say make some plans however how simple and create for those around you a day or a meal to remember, and maybe even have some new shoes sent in. 

And remember, it’s another day to every day dress: make the bed, walk the dog, eat protein at breakfast, put on some makeup, get out of the workout clothes, make some dinner, enjoy a glass of wine, spend time with those you love. We are blessed. 

sent text message early this afternoon, so far only mom and husband have replied LOL

Every day dress and thoughts on Mother’s Day. xoxo

PS. Just talked to my friend and she too had to plan her own day. No, neither one of us are getting or expecting anything from Tiffany & Co.’s The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide. 

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    • Hi there, thank you reading and than you for your nice comment. Love to hopefully inspire some, love what I do, love to share. Xoxo

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