Slowing Things Down

Now that we’re really going nowhere anytime soon, god-willing we’re all healthy I’m all about slowing things down. 

is it the juice, or is it the celery

I’ve had this fancy juicer for about three years now and only recently have I started juicing daily, or almost daily, haha. It all seemed like so much work but really, it’s just a push of a button, who knew? I actually took five or so minutes to read the manual, how hard was that. Not sure if the juice is any better than eating a whole head of celery? Anyway, it’s fun to think I’m doing something good first thing. 

slow scrambled eggs, side of spinach, you know that avocado toast and some Emergen-C for good measure

Breakfast? Anywhere from 11am to half-past one. Intermittent fasting going on.

couldn’t figure out dinner so polenta and vegetable in a pinch (we were hungry two hours later)

And polenta? We’ve been cooking in on the regular and last night I kind of wanted to ditch, husband tried to find a restaurant that delivered on a Tuesday, no go, so I was on deck again. Slowly stirred polenta with a good amount of salt and some thyme can feel fancy, even though it’s so pantry basic, I simply needed to be prompted. 

lay it all out, it’s ultimately easier that way

I’ve also re-committed to some online education; here you see my mise en place for a plant-based raw chocolate ganache tart. I think it’s raw if you don’t cook it, right? Obviously still so much more to know… 

yes I look serious, so much going on, mind-blown, might as well make a tart

And the serious news? Second son and his girlfriend tested positive; they’ve been quarantined in our St. Pete’s house with seven others under the direct supervision of our oldest son Ethan. Ethan has been on high alert about Covid 19 for months now, he has not messed around. Three weeks ago, he flew south with a mask and gloves. Things got a little crazy as there was some exposure amongst the group but who’s to know they are all young healthy adults looking for a little sun and fun. He initiated testing and locked them down tight, so very proud of all of them for slowing things down. 

Every day dress, peace and love to all. 

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  1. This are tough days for us all. Here’s to a speedy and full recovery for your son and his gf.

    • Thank you, they are doing well. Wishing the same for everyone.

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