Small Food Stores

thanks, mom, for the brussels sprouts
great little market across from our Airbnb in Charleston SC

For the past twenty months, small food stores have been my go-to. Cooking at home has become chiefly a triple-daily play. Even when traveling, I pack road lunches and flight food.

While in Charleston SC I wore jeans and tees from Lafayette 148

Recently we were in Charleston, SC, and I happened upon a great little market. Upon checkout, the shopkeeper and I struck up a conversation. I told him I loved the exquisite selection of goods in his intimate space, and he replied that they had everything necessary for breakfast, lunch, or dinner; it was just that you had to prepare it. That thought has stuck with me.

Small shops help me refine ‘what’s for dinner?’. No longer do I love rambling through an overabundance of choice (so much anxiety!), preferring instead to cook close.

I bought this years ago and rereading it now reminds me to slow down
Stock that I simmered for hours and days and brussels sprouts for pasta
we’re pretty much always in the kitchen
I wish I could show you a neater workspace, this is how it goes…
the roasted squash did turn into a lovely soup
rustic curried squash and red onion galette with ricotta cheese filling (recipe called for sour cream and none in the house so improvised with what was on hand)
kind of on a squash kick, as Taylor says ’tis the damn season’
lentil soup garnished with chopped radicchio, open-faced chicken salad sandwich lunch with a small glass of red
denim, apron, and a kitchen towel, my usual go-to; along with shopping smaller
green french lentils and best turkey stock

The other night after a dinner of Lentil Soup (the stock made with the carcass of the very best turkey we have ever had) and a Green Salad with buttered toast, I started to reread Alice Waters The Art of Simple Food. I found it just where I want to be this season, at the table and cooking from scratch.

thanks, Booie, the straw & hay was delicious

Every day dress, small food stores.

A few of my favorites beyond my ultimate favorites of roadside stands and farmers markets:

Lexington Coop

Braymiller Market

K & 8th Street Market, South Boston MA

The Fresh Market on 4th St N, St. Petersburg FL

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  1. So funny you mentioned that cook book, I too have loved it and given it to many of my favorite people. I know it made me a better cook…!

    • It’s one of my favorites, and I love revisiting it from time to time. Cookbook reading is a favorite past-time over here. Thinking I too may have to gift a few volumes of this one this season! Thanks for reading.

    • I love food too, thanks for reading. Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season.

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