So That You Know

Monnie’s vintage white linen cloth, five waterglasses of low cut flowers, large Chardonnay and Pinot Noir glasses
Elizabeth made Pomegranate + Ginger Paloma Cocktails
We used every dish and every flat surface in the immediate vicinity

Last night we celebrated Thanksgiving at home, and in a group family test message several days before the big meal, I asked everyone to bring a poem of their choice to read at the table.

I put makeup on early in the day and changed into my holiday jumpsuit just before dinner. I’ve worn this new piece three times already, it’s going to be on my regular rotation.
threesome selfie
absolutely love when everyone is in the kitchen
I wrote my poem at the very last minute with cocktail close by

To switch things up a bit, I thought poetry reading might be pleasant, and it proved to be both a challenging and rewarding exercise. Challenging as poetry is sometimes tricky, emotional, and rewarding as it got us all into reading text and prose we might typically not.

Turkey dinner never really looks that amazing, yet it really was delicious this year

We usually go around the table and share what we are grateful for, and yes, we have many blessings. By each of us reciting a poem, we could go a little deeper and hang a little longer onto the evening that took days to prepare. Of course, I used just about every dish in the house and was on my feet for hours giving glory to the bird and the accompaniments; it was lovely to sit and linger and let the time finally unfold.

There were poems recited by widely read authors, poems by contemporary authors, a long discussion about the phrase ‘pale blue dot,’ and several of us wrote and shared our own words.

Here, along with the food, was my contribution:

Just So You Know

I sometimes roll my empty wine glass under our bed

Always thinking of you because I’m in bed first

Cooking is a thing because feeding those I love helps me feel loved

And we are all hoping and looking for love

Cooking is a thing because I’ve always been hungry and hope always to be hungry

If today were the last day, I would be happy as our table is full, and my heart is warm

So that you know, it’s all about you

grocery store flowers and fresh cut thyme from my garden

Every day dress, so that you know…

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