steak and eggs




Sunday lifestyle post here: to feed your crowd in a hurry, try like an hour and a half, first preheat the oven to 425 degrees and then run to the grocery. Ask for a whole beef tenderloin, take two halves as that’s what they have. Add five bunches of asparagus, two dozen eggs, one dozen bagels. Scout the flower section and tuck in three small yellow rose plants.

Once home, start to rouse everyone out of bed and call/text to get the young adults over. Once it’s noon, send second daughter out again to grab three bottles of champagne. Take those petite rose plants out of their cellophane and dump them in small, cheap pots. Put two of your guests or youngest children on setting the table.



Get all others in the kitchen, no recipes, measuring or cookbooks this day; everyone’s hungry and has somewhere to be. Butcher was busy too so had to trim and tie as best we could, we all should have some sharp shears and kitchen string on hand. Kosher salt, pepper, butter, rosemary and olive oil dressed it all up.

We’re all kind of carnivores here, oh well. Every day dress and steak and eggs. It’s that time of year again, feed your crowd. Simple, easy, fun.

Linnie, see you in a day and a half, can’t wait. xoxo

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