strawberry and indigo tweed


It’s always a good thing to have a little color in your wardrobe. Particularly when you’re in Washington DC for Mother’s Day weekend. A closet full of black can certainly make getting dressed easier, sometimes though it’s just simply nice to do different.

Pictured here, Strawberry and Indigo Tweed Fringed Dress, a little shorter than usual, and third daughter chose royal blue and nautical stripes.

Never would have gone here without the prompting of friend and colleague, thank you Mary, to take five minutes to simply try it on. Not my usual color, style, or even length, but once on the body it felt fun and different, and it was a go.

Add a little color, take a little fashion risk, especially during the month of May and for your upcoming special events.

Happy Mother’s Day to all women everywhere.

Every day dress in Strawberry and Indigo Tweed Fringed Dress | Worth New York Summer 2013

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