perhaps wear a tie


Admittedly, when dressing we all don’t get it right all the time. Dressing well takes thought, consideration, and cost. There are times, though, when circumstances call for us to perhaps wear a tie. Men, when you are addressing a formal group meeting and wish to establish trust, credibility, and convey a sense of leadership, Apple aside, every day dress thinks it appropriate and respectful to perhaps wear a tie. Just saying.

Now for some fun stuff. On the road again and decided to wear a tie, sort of, with the black jeans and you guessed it, black jacket. En route to Washington DC to see law school son at Georgetown. Jeans and jacket have stretch, always a good thing, and make for comfortable and appropriate travel wear. Silk cutaway blouse has fun stripes and chiffon tie that can be worn high or low, depending on how much skin you feel like exposing, when appropriate.

Can’t get enough of the recent addition to the wardrobe: Black push up sleeves jacket seems to go with just about everything.

TGIF. Have a great weekend everyone.

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